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Highlighting Our Team: Kylie Pace's Journey at Lidion Bank

At Lidion Bank, we greatly value the commitment and development of our team members. Today, we are excited to shine a spotlight on Kylie Pace, our Finance Officer. Kylie joined us in 2023 and has been an essential part of our team ever since. Her time with us exemplifies the abundant opportunities for both professional and personal advancement provided by Lidion Bank. We had a discussion with Kylie to delve into her responsibilities, her journey, and her guidance for individuals contemplating a career in financial services.

1. Can you tell us about your journey with Lidion Bank and what initially attracted you to work here?

My journey with Lidion Bank began 15 months ago when I was seeking a company that offered opportunities for professional growth. Lidion Bank caught my attention with its outstanding reputation and exceptional work environment.

2. What is your role at Lidion Bank, and what are your primary responsibilities?

I am currently a Finance Officer at Lidion Bank. My primary responsibilities include preparing detailed reports for upper management and collaborating closely with various departments to ensure our financial practices align with the bank's strategic goals.

Kylie Pace

3. What does a typical day or week look like for you in your role?

In my role, a typical day or week involves a variety of tasks centered around financial management and reporting. The end-of-month period is particularly busy as we prepare management accounts. Throughout the week, I prepare various reports for upper management, ensuring they have accurate and timely information. Additionally, I handle issuing payments to all suppliers and manage the bank's expenditures. This combination of responsibilities keeps the role dynamic and engaging.

4. What do you enjoy most about working at Lidion Bank?

The culture at Lidion Bank is truly unique. I greatly appreciate the team-oriented environment and the numerous opportunities the bank provides for professional development.

5. How would you describe the company culture at Lidion Bank?

Employees are encouraged to share their ideas and take initiative, fostering a sense of ownership and providing opportunities for growth within the company.

6. What are you passionate about outside of work?

I enjoy spending time outdoors at the beach, reading a good book. I also love to travel and learn about different cultures. Additionally, I am passionate about sports

7. How is Lidion Bank supporting your passions?

Lidion Bank supports my passions with a benefits package that allows me to continue pursuing what I love.

8.What advice would you give to someone considering a career in Financial Services?

For anyone considering a career in financial services, my advice is to stay proactive in your learning.

9. Share one thing that few people know about you

When I was younger, I aspired to be an artist and had a deep passion for art. I especially love surreal painting because it allows me to escape reality and explore the depths of my imagination.