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Highlighting Our Team: Pablo Marzullo's Journey at Lidion Bank

Meet Pablo, a pivotal member of Lidion Bank's Legal and Compliance team. Holding the roles of Senior Legal & Compliance Officer and the Bank's Data Protection Officer, he expertly navigates the complex world of regulations with a passion that's hard to match.

Outside the confines of legal jargon and compliance protocols, Pablo wears many hats: he's an ardent environmental advocate, a music aficionado who finds solace in drumming, and a culinary enthusiast who graces Lidion's kitchen table with much appreciated treats from time to time.

Dive into the story of Pablo, where professional commitment meets a vibrant array of personal passions, enriching the fabric of our Lidion community

1. Can you tell us about your journey with Lidion Bank and what initially attracted you to work here?

My Journey at Lidion Bank PLC (hereinafter,the “Bank” -lawyer humour 😊-) started in 2022, where I joined as a Legal & Compliance Executive. As a lawyer, I have always aspired to advising in-house for an entity established within the European Union.

Working for Lidion in Legal & Compliance was a no-brainer. The opportunity would allow me to marry all the European Union theory I acquired in Argentina, along with the hands-on knowledge I incorporated doing my Masters’ Degree at the University of Malta.

2. What is your role at Lidion Bank, and what are your primary responsibilities?

I currently hold two positions within the Bank: Senior Legal & Compliance Officer, and also the Bank’s appointed Data Protection Officer. In addition, I also form part of the Environmental,Social and Governance (ESG)Team.

When it comes to Legal & Compliance,my primary responsibilities revolve around ensuring the Bank’s adherence to currently applicable rules and regulations, advising the Bank of any new regulatory developments, assisting teams internally should they have any legal or compliance related enquiry, as well as drafting and reviewing agreements,policies, procedures and guidance.

Wearing my DPO hat requires a different approach in as far as there I am responsible for advising the Bank’s officials of their obligations pursuant to the Data Protection and Privacy legislation,monitor compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation and basically to safeguard the rights of all individuals whose Personal Data is being processed by the Bank.

Finally, in terms of my role as member of the ESG Team I am responsible for researching applicable legislation and guidance documents, keeping the bank up to date, planning engagement strategies and drafting policies, procedures, and strategies.

3. What does a typical day or week look like for you in your role?

This is a challenging question! Really and truly days and weeks here never look the same, which keeps my job interesting and captivating at all times.

Yet, for the sake of this question,staples on my week usually are: reviewing and drafting agreements, liaising with different teams and external actors (such as authorities or vendors) on a variety of topics and projects, reviewing regulation and rules and their applicability to our current processes, resolving Data Protection relatedmatters, and researching on ESG Related topics.

4. What do you enjoy most about working at Lidion Bank?

That would definitely be the wide variety of matters that I am exposed to, and the constantly changing worktopics. On top of that, I am able to suggest on which matters I would prefer working on, and my suggestions are always heard.

This allows me to focus a considerable amount of time on my three most preferred subject matters which are compliance related to: Information Technology Security, Environmental Social and Governance as well as Data privacy and protection matters.

Additionally, I am always encouraged to keep learning, growing, and building internal and external connections. This can be seen in the many conferences and training sessions that I am allowed to participate in.

5. How would you describe the company culture at Lidion Bank?

I would say that the Company Culture at the bank is Innovative and Curious due to the variety and expansiveness of its products and out-of-the-box solutions, it is also challenging (in a very good way) as topics keep evolving and ourwork must encompass such development. It is also engaging as one can put forward its suggestions and rest assured that they will be heard and, finally and very importantly so, respectful as I always feel that my (and my peers) comments are always well and carefully received and heard.

6. What are you passionate about outside of work?

Well, I have a few passions. But my top three would be:

1.  Environmental matters: Including researching, studying, writing, and teaching them (mostly law and Policy). I am certain that we (people) need to contribute as much as we can to protect and stop deteriorating our Planet. Everyone can do something, really.

2.  Listening (and drumming) to  music giving a fair chance to all genres really. Between us, my current favourites are Funk, Techno and Progressive Rock.

3.  Cooking: From a very young age I have always been interested in crafting dishes and  experimenting with flavours.

7. How is Lidion Bank supporting your passions?

Lidion supports my passion for the environment by enabling me to undertake a variety of courses on the matter,which boost my knowledge and toolbox on these issues.

It also boosts my musical passion, as chances are that one would find me working at the office with my headphones on, vibing to some good beats 😊.

Finally, I can also share my cooking passion by bringing every now and again a few treats to share with my fellow colleagues.

8.What advice would you give to someone considering a career in Financial Services?

I would highly recommend them to pursue it, regardless of their area of expertise. There is a great variety of roles and positions within the sector, including Legal & Compliance, IT, Risk, Finance, between others, and the great advantage is that one gets to interact with all other functions, which enriches your perspective and understanding of all matters.

So, if they are looking for a challenging, interesting and rewarding environment, I would definitely recommend it.

9. Share one thing that few people know about you

I find coding and programming really interesting and intriguing!