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Lidion Bank: The International Bank with a Local Heart

What if your bank could understand You and your local business needs as well as help you cross the national borders with confidence?  Lidion Bank, based in Malta, is a Bank that prides itself on blending traditional banking values with innovative solutions, whilst at its heart having a strong attachment to the Maltese business community.

Established in Malta in 2012, the Bank underwent a significant transformation, rebranding itself from AgriBank to Lidion Bank in November 2023, marking a new chapter in our commitment to serving the diverse needs of its clients​​.

Our strategic focus on the digital and tech industries, have positioned the Bank as a leading partner for businesses navigating the fast-paced economic digital landscape, as well as aiding the more traditional businesses in bridging the digital divide. The Bank boasts over 50 employees in Malta representing more than ten different nationalities, servicing over 500 corporate clients, and has processed payments exceeding €1 billion, just in 2023.

As a Bank we have also adopted a new slogan, “Bank Smarter, Grow Faster”', that we believe embodies our ethos to provide businesses with banking solutions and help them scale quicker and in a more secure way.  We have embarked on a journey to integrate time-honored banking traditions with cutting-edge digital solutions, thereby ensuring our services remain relevant across various industries.  

Our commitment to empowering growth, upholding integrity, and championing our customers have set us apart as a trusted financial partner for businesses, especially in the technology and digital advertising sectors​​.  

Our product portfolio is designed to cater to the majority of your business needs, emphasising flexibility, security, and innovation. We offer Corporate Current Accounts tailored to different business needs, of different size and different industries. With Malta in mind, we have also created specific products for a number of different industries, including the regulated Gaming & Gambling sector and the Financial service sector, the Startup sector, and other industries that may currently feel under-banked.

Additionally, Lidion Bank provides corporate Fixed Term Deposits and Notice Accounts for those seeking investment opportunities with attractive returns. Our commitment to security and customer benefit is evident in all its products, ensuring clients' transactions are secure and efficient. For businesses looking to manage international dealings, Lidion's FX and Payout services offer comprehensive solutions, aiding in the navigation of global markets.

Lidion Bank stands as a testament to the power of a thriving local bank infused with a global perspective. At the heart of it all, is our team in Malta, our understanding of the needs of the local and international business community, and an obsession to give our customer the banking experience they deserve.  

Author Jonathan Bellizzi CEO Lidion Bank

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