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Tariff of Charges

Lidion Bank Plc Tariff of Charges

(PDF Document)

Our Charges

This page gives a brief description of tariffs as charged by Lidion Bank on some of its products and services. For tariffs on products or services which are not listed in this brochure, kindly contact us through the below details

Lidion Bank  
Block 3 Level 0, Trident Park
Mdina Road, Zone 2
Central Business District
Birkirkara CBD 2010

Charges are subject to revision from time to time kindly refer to the pdf document above.

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These Tariff of charges supersedes all previous standard tariffs of charges. These Tariff of charges should be read in conjunction with Lidion Bank ’s General Terms and Conditions of Business. The Terms and Conditions mentioned in these Tariff of charges may be superseded by specific facilities granted by to customers by Lidion Bank. Lidion Bank reserves the right to amend its Tariff of charges in whole or in part at any time at its discretion. Lidion Bank will strive to update you with any amendments to these Tariff of charges and to inform you in advance. Any updates will, in the absence of exceptional circumstances, be provided by Lidion Bank at least two calendar months before date of applicability of such amendments. Unless you terminate your relationship with Lidion Bank prior to the coming into force of the amendments, you are deemed to have accepted such amendments to the Tariff of charges and the amended Tariff of charges shall become binding upon you. These Standard Tariff of charges applies to standard transactions. Higher and/or additional charges may apply to certain transactions and services. These Tariff of Charges will apply should no other tariff of chargesbe agreed separately. Any other agreement with the customer for a separate tariff will prevail over these Tariff of charges.